Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world and is older the "eternal city" of Rome by 29 years. It was founded by the king of Urartu Argishti in 782 BC. The town's name is derived from the ancient city-fortress of Erebuni, and near it was built and expanded a modern Yerevan. This is evidenced by the corresponding cuneiform inscription on stone, situated in the fortress, which is now a museum. And it's one of the places of interest in Yerevan.
The territory of modern Yerevan extends to another ancient settlement Teishebaini. You will be showed the ruins of the big fortress area of over 4 hectares, the remains of preurartian settlements of Chalcolithic and Early Bronze XIII-VIII centuries BC One of the noteworthy places of Yerevan Tsitsernakaberd is the territory of which is memorable not only for Yerevan, but also for Armenians all over the world - Memorial Complex of the Armenian Genocide. It is notable, with its inner content, and architectural design.
One of the sightseeing is Matenadaran built in 1944-1952-th years and where ancient manuscripts are kept. After a recent renovation, and construction of a new building, Matenadaran operates as a museum and as a research center. There are collected more than 17 thousand ancient manuscripts and more than 100 thousand. Old archive documents. Among them are not only Armenian, but also manuscripts in Arabic, Russian, Persian and other languages.
Attraction in Yerevan is a beautiful Sports and Concert Complex, where are organized various recreational activities Expo.
Of course you will see another attraction of the city - Opera and Ballet Theatre. Nearby is another beautiful place - Swan Lake.
Yerevan attractions are the various museums, house -museums and monuments of great Armenian prominent figures of art and literature, such as S. Parajanov. Khachaturian, Saryan and many others.
One of the places of interest is considered to be the Republic Square, with its beautiful government buildings, hotels and complex of "musical fountain". You will be shown another spectacular place - Cascade Complex, with its fountains and contemporary monuments. You may continue to list and tell...

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