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Armenia is a country marked on the most ancient maps of the world. That's why, there are many cultural, historical and architectural monuments of antiquity. These are such attractions as the megalithic complex of Karahunj which is older than the famous Stonehenge, the monastery complex of Khor Virap, where 15 years was imprisoned first preacher of Christianity in Armenia Gregory the Illuminator.
Such sights belongs the restored Garni pagan temple (I century AD.). Nearby is another attraction in Armenia - carved into the rock Geghard Monastery, which was built on the site of an ancient monastery Ayrivank (IV century). These include the ruins of Zvartnots Temple (7th c.). As one of the main attractions of Armenia you will see the First petronal temple in the town of Echmiadzin. This is the main Cathedral of the Armenian Church, built in the first half of the I century on the site of an ancient settlement.
Among the sights you will see other medieval temples, churches and monasteries: Noravank - 13c., Saghmosavank-13c., Ahartsin10-13c, Gndevank -10c., Spitakavor - 13c, the Church of St. Hripsime -618 y, Gayane-630y., Shogakat -7 c-the first Christian martyrs, who fled from Rome to Armenia, Karmravor, Ovanavank - 5-13c, Tatev monastery-9c, the monastery Tanaat- 5c, Haghpat -10c., Sanahin -10c., Ereruyskaya basil - 5c. Sights are also considered many small churches of earlier period. 
It's worth visiting ancient fortresses and castles of medieval Armenia as sightseeing places These are Fortress Amberd, fortress Erebuni, Smbataberd, Loriberd, Gerger, Proshaberd. Among the other attractions of Armenia should be noted, the world's longest ropeway "Wings of Tatev", with a length of 5.7 km opened in 2010.
Sights of Armenia are also its natural creations. It is Lake Sevan, Jermuk waterfall, waterfall Shaki, mineral springs of Arzni, Jermuk, Bjni, Hanqavan, Goris, near which there are hydrotherapy sanatorium. Among these spectacular places surely is noteable the not handmade miracle - a natural bridge over the river Vorotan -called the "Devil's Bridge".
Sights of Armenia of course relates to the amazing natural landscape: the fertile plains and prealpian prairie grasslands, the towering mountains.

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