Jermuk attractions

Jermuk is rich in picturesque nature and natural attractions. Arpa river, which is one of the most abundant rivers in Armenia, flows through the city, dividing the town and Vayots Dzor mountain range into two parts. The famous waterfall of Jermuk, called “Jraharsi varser”, ( literally translated like “Mermaid’s hair”) which has a height of 70 meters, falls from the magnificent gorge of Arpa. “Yerazanqi kamar” and “Annman sirt” (translated like “The arch of dream”, “Unique heart”) are also located here.
The “business card” of this resort town is the mineral-water-drinking-hall, which is located in the very heart of the city. This pillared building with unique architectural solutions has become one of the most famous symbols of Jermuk. There are mineral waters with 5 different temperatures from 30 °C to 53 °C in this drinking hall. There is a beautiful pond near the hall, where you can admire the picturesque surroundings while enjoying your rest on a raft.
One of the symbols of Jermuk is the statue of a deer, which is located in one of the mountains surrounding the city. According to the legend, the deer wounded by a hunter's arrow throws itself into the mineral water when approaching and comes out fully recovered. The hunter was surprised by the miracle of ordinary water and since then, the miraculous reputation of Jermuk spread all over Armenia.
There are many natural wonders in this cozy town. These include hot springs of mineral water (geysers), which are stemming from the ground, bursting and then calming down. People come here for swimming in the natural basin of mineral water, relaxing and recovering in this wonderful place.
You can enjoy all the beauty of Jermuk town and its surroundings from the ropeway which is built according international standards and has the length of 1 km with the highest point reaching 2480 meters. The ropeway has 2 ski slopes, which are considered semi-professional, allowing to organize international tournaments.
The other sights of Jermuk, which should not be forgotten when visiting the city include Arpa-Sevan tunnel, Kechut reservoir and a place called “Daisy”. The city is also rich in monuments, there is also a gallery with rich exhibits. There is a vernissage of folk artists with daily exhibits of paintings in the center of the city.

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