Geographical location

Jermuk city is located in the region of Vayots Dzor, the South-Eastern part of Armenia. It is surrounded by forests and lush alpine mountains of Vardenis and Syunik, whose heights reach 2500-3000 meters above the sea. Picturesque Arpa Canyon is located in the South-Western part of this resort town. Arpa river, which is one of the most abundant rivers in Armenia, flows through the city dividing it into two parts.
One of Arpa’s tributaries is Jermuk river: A magnificent waterfall with a height of more than 80 meters is formed near the river’s estuary. 36 healing hot springs called Jermuks, located on the right and left banks of Arpa are very well known for their hydrocarbonate-sulfate composition. There are also a type of water called "Narzan", medicinal clay and glass raw materials (quartzites).
The surroundings of Jermuk town are full of forests. Some parts of the forests were planted in 1980s-1990s.
The climate of Jermuk is mountainous, the air is clean, free from dust and pollution. Summer is cool here, winter is mild, snowy and clear. The coldest month is January, when the average air temperature reaches -9 degrees of celsius and the warmest period is during the months of July-August, when the temperature is between 14-16 degrees. The absolute maximum temperature is 32 degrees, while the minimum is -35 degrees of celsius. The number of annual precipitation is 800 mm and the sunshine duration during the year is almost 2340-2400 hours.
The nature of Jermuk is rich in water. Besides the tributaries of Arpa river, there are also cold and hot springs that are used for drinking. Here, in any season of the year you can organize a wonderful and healthy rest.

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