Geographical location

The Republic of Armenia is located in Transcaucasia, on the north-west small section of the Armenian Highlands. It borders with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey.
Being in Asia it has cultural and political ties with Europe, as it is on the crossroads of Europe and Asia.
Armenia relief is mountainous, with fast flowing rivers, freshwater natural springs, small forests and alpine meadows. Relief’s complex structure is typical in present-day Armenia territory, which gives a special attraction to Armenia landscape. It is said in joke that if you cross Armenia from north to south for only 600 kilometers, you can "meet"all seasons in a year.
The present-day Republic of Armenia occupies 29.74 thousand. square meters, which is one-tenth of the historical Armenia. The average height is 1800 meters above sea level, the highest point of Mount Aragats peak is 4095 meters above sea level, the lowest point is Debed mountain canyon which is 360 km altitude above sea level.

The highest tops

Aragats – 4095m
Kaputdzhukh – 3906m
Azhdaak - 3598m
Spitaksar - 3555m
Vardenis - 3522m

Large rivers
Araks - in the territory of Armenia – 158 km
Akhuryan - in the territory of Armenia – 186 km
Vorotan - in the territory of Armenia-119 km
Debed - in the territory of Armenia – 152 km
Hrazdan - in the territory of Armenia – 141 km
Agstev - in the territory of Armenia – 99 km

Large lakes 
Sevan – the area 1239m2/km
Arpi - the area is 1229 sq.m/km
Akn - the area is 0.53 sq.m/km
Sev - the area of 5.3 sq.m/km

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