Monastery of Geghard is located in the Kotayk province of Armenia, on the canyon slopes of Azat river's Goght tributary.
Monastery is famous for the unique architectural style, with two engraved churches carved in the great rock, a narthex, a large chapel-mausoleum, cells and chapels that are connected to one another on the south side of the church and the narthex and composes a religious complex.
It was established shortly after Great conversion in 301 AD, by St. Gregory the Illuminator's initiative and was initially called Ayrivank as there were many caves(ayr) used as hermits in solitary confinement.
Since the 13th century Ayrivank has been renamed as Geghardavank, because here is stored in one of the greatest shrines, the tip of the spear with which the Roman soldier pierced Jesus Christ. It was brought by Holy Apostle Thaddeus and in the 18th century it was moved and stored in Etchmiadzin Museum of the Holy See.

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