Echmiadzin enjoys the respect and admiration of the whole world Armenians, for centuries it has been not only Armenian spiritual, but also the administrative center. Echmiadzin is a sacred pilgrimage site, because here is the cathedral, spiritual and other cultural monuments.
The temple was built on the former site of a pagan temple. The story says that Gregory the Illuminator saw a vision of how the God descending and with hand hammer hits the ground. Just on that place Gregory the Illuminator decided to build a temple (IV century).
In XV century t on the western side of the temple was built main entrance vestibule. The interior walls of the temple were decorated. Painter Naghash Hovnatan illustrated with Bible stories, creating more than 120 portrait of saints and apostles, restored the old portraits.
XX century the temple was renovated, pillars and foundations were strengthened, floors were covered with marbles.
Next to temple was opened the first Armenian school, and now operates Theological Seminary, which is unique of its kind in the world.
Etchmiadzin cathedral also has a museum, where the funds and holy relics. are kept. There are many cross stones. There are also St.Hripsime, Sb.Gayane and Sb.Shoghakat churches that were built in the memory of the first Christian martyr virgins.

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